June 27 - 28 '14 "Little Anthony & The Imperials"

Date: August 20, 2014 Author: stevehunter Categories: Latest

Little Anthony & The Imperials at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls is always a lot of fun. This was the third time I've played with them, always on the Key 2 book (synth). They used to have a website where a potential sideman could download the music in pdf form, but that is now gone. But the contractor emailed me a dropbox link, so I got to have a look at the music beforehand. The overture is kind of tricky, and there's lots of string lines. They're one of the last doo wop groups from the early 60's that still has the original lineup, and some strong hits - "Goin' Out Of My Head," "Tears On My Pillow," "I'm On The Outside Lookin' In." Playing a casino is always an experience of an different world that I'm not keen on. I work too damn hard for my money to throw it away gambling! The rehearsal was funny, in that the guys would jam in between songs - that would never happen in a musical or orchestral setting. Casino's always have a large choice of backline, and I got to choose between about 15 different synth's. So a Korg Triton was waiting for me, and the musical director helped me choose the patches, and I made quick notes in pencil of where to switch. Basically strings, with a little Rhodes and marimba thrown in. After the rehearsal, the band all headed to the buffet, where we had chits for dinner and got to go to the head of the line. Nothing like stuffing yourself before a gig to keep your wits sharp! 

The gig went fine, and the singers were in fine form. Very funny in that they've got their schtick worked out, and it's always the same. But it works - the crowd ate it up. Their last song is strange - "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, which is basically about a guy stalking a girl. But the way they do it, it's a great ending and a lot of fun to be a part of. Attached is a picture of me and Little Anthony 4 years ago. We both look exactly the same 4 years later....